Kathryn Y. Bough

Even though her picture spells her name as “Baugh.” Bough’s daughter corrects it to “Bough.” 2LT Bough was born March 18, 1909 in Portsmouth, Virginia. She graduated on September 29, 1932 from the Lincoln School of Nursing in New York. She also attended the University of New York. She served as head nurse at Harlem Hospital in New York City. She joined the Army Nurse Corps on September 15, 1941 and arrived at TAAF in 1942. Kathryn Y. Bough was also listed in the 1942 yearbook, “Wings Over America” publication for the Tuskegee Army Flying School. As all women who joined the Army Nurse Corps, she went in as a second lieutenant was promoted to first lieutenant in June of 1943. She was chief nurse under Della Raney who was the principal chief nurse. The base newspaper, Hawk’s Cry, in the October 15, 1943 edition, reads, “Newlywed, LT Bough, ANC and LT Nichols, CO of the 1155th, are residing in town.” The Nichols later divorced, according to her daughter. Bough left the service in 1944. During a phone call to the daughter, Charlotte Nichols, it was learned that the former Kathryn Y. Bough died December 18, 2004 and is buried at the Roosevelt Memorial Cemetery in Chesapeake, Virginia next to her six sisters.

(Information from phone interview with daughter, Charlotte Nichols, 1942 base yearbook, hospital rosters and bulletin, the July 8, 1944 The New York Age, August 15, 1942The Pittsburgh Courier and family genealogy website, https://shelleyskylinejourney.com.)