Naomi Green

It was mentioned in the August 7, 1943 Hawk’s Cry that 2LT Naomi Green was “among first Negro nurses to carry services to foreign soil (Liberia).” Her hometown was Elkins, West Virginia

Elise D. Grant

The March 15, 1946 hospital roster records 2LT Elise D. Grant at TAAF, but the July 15, 1946 roster mentioned that she had separated from the service as a first lieutenant.

Marjorie Alice Franklin

According to the July 15,1946 station hospital roster, Marjorie A. Franklin was a first lieutenant and had separated from the service.

Mamie L. Frierson

Second Lieutenant Mamie L. Frierson is reported in the March 15, 1946 station hospital roster and was one of the five remaining nurses on TAAF as it closed.

Susie A. Pinkley

2Lt Susie A. Pinkley was one of the five nurses left to close down nursing operations at TAAF.

Grace Scott

Second Lieutenant Grace Scott was one of the five nurses left at TAAF before its closing.

Ruth L. Carter

Second Lieutenant Ruth L. Carter was a surgical nurse at TAAF.

Mary E. Rickards

Second Lieutenant Mary E. Rickards was a surgical nurse on the base.

Alice M. Dunkley

Second Lieutenant Alice M. Dunkley arrived at TAAF with Irma Cameron and Mary Rickards.

Irma Cameron (Dryden)

Second Lieutenant Irma Cameron (Dryden) says she arrived at Tuskegee Army Air Field by train with Alice M. Dunkley and Mary Rickards. Cameron was an only child.